Geographical position

The concession is bordering both the Guéra and Salamat regions. Please refer to the map provided.

Trophies available

Experience the first hunting season in 3 new big game zones never hunted before! Hunt unique indigenous species in open country consisting of mountains, bush, wetlands and desert, covering more than 1,2 million hectares. Trophies include central savannah buffalo, harnessed bushbuck, lelwel hartebeest, major hartebeest, korrigum, Nigerian bohor reedbuck, northern greater kudu, oribi, red-fronted gazelle, western kob and western roan. Wing-shooting and fishing available.


The lodge is located on a 8 ha campsite, overlooking the Yao village. It consists of a colonial-style house with 8 bedrooms and 2 boukarous, separated into 2 bedrooms each. All rooms have ensuite bathrooms and air-conditioning. Clients have a bar, restaurant and launch at their disposal. Meals can be enjoyed on the terrace.

Arms ammunition and hunting conditions

The recommended minimum caliber for dangerous game is a .375 Holland & Holland Magnum. Hunting is done by walking and stalking. The northern greater kudu prefers semi-mountainous areas while buffalo and most of the plains game roams the lower and more level open bush.

Climate and vegetation

Temperatures vary from 20°C to 35°C with low humidity. The heat reaches its peak in May, which is also the last hunting month. The region is home to an abundance of animal and plant life. The biotope varies between mountainous regions, bush, wetlands and desert.

Clothing and gear

Normal hunting clothing can be worn during the day and bring along a hunting jacket as well. Bring at least four pairs of trousers or shorts and shirts. Do not forget your pair of well-worn boots, a hat and sunscreen. Detailed checklist to be provided.

Hunting season

January - May

Health and safety

This is a Malaria area. Please take precaution. Insect repellent is strongly advisable during the warmer months. A Yellow Fever vaccination certificate is compulsory.

Additional Information

Electricity: 220/230 volts 50 Hz. 

Standard time will be throughout the year, 1 hours in advance of Greenwich Mean Time, 1 behind Central European Time and 5 hours in advance of Eastern Standard Time, U.S.A.


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