Geographical position

The concession lies between Kenton-on-Sea, Port Alfred and Grahamstown in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa. The concession is approximately 130 km from Port Elizabeth Airport. Please refer to the map provided.

Trophies available

We will mainly focus on Blue Duiker, Caracal, Cape Bushbuck, Oribi, Cape Grysbok and Common Duiker.


At this concession we will be staying on a guest farm. This farm is situated along one of the most unspoilt beaches in the country. The cottage has a sea view, easy trails and bird and game viewing.

Arms ammunition and hunting conditions

The distances that we will be shooting can range between 70 and 200 meters. Calibers in the .270 Winchester - .300 Winchester Magnum range are preferable. Telescopic sights with a 4x - 6x magnification are more than adequate. Caracal and Blue Duiker will be hunted with a shotgun. Most hunting is done by walking and stalking.

Climate and vegetation

Temperatures vary from 5°C to 25°C in winter and 15°C to 40°C in summer. The habitat mainly consists of coastal forest and fynbos, rare cycad - encephalartos arenarius, common wild fig, coast coral tree, yellowwood, white ironwood and a variety of flowers.

Clothing and gear

Temperatures are not too extreme. During the months of April, October and November light clothing can be worn during the day and a light jacket at night. From May to September, the nights and early mornings are colder, which requires warmer clothing. Do not forget your pair of well-worn boots, a hat and sunscreen.

Hunting season

April - November

Health and safety

This area is Malaria-free. Insect repellent is advisable during the warmer months. The closest hospital is approximately 45 minutes away.

Additional Information

Electricity: 220/230 volts 50 Hz.

Standard time will be throughout the year, 2 hours in advance of Greenwich Mean Time, the same as Central European Time and 7 hours in advance of Eastern Standard Time, U.S.A


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